Beginners' workshop: Wednesday & Thursday evenings

Beginners Chicago Step lessons have commenced at Leopold Primary School and Golbourne Community. Bring your kids, grandparents, partners friends.  Come ready to dance, dress casual and informal (don't worry if you have to come in your work clothes). Bring water!

    Introduction to Chicago Steppin
    The basic count
    Steppin out (with or without a partner)
    Cross Over (with or without a partner)

    Every Wednesday - Golbourne Community Centre, 2a Wornington Road, London W10 7:00 - 8:30pm   Click here for leaflet

    Every Thursday - Leopold Primary School, Hawkshead Road, London NW10. 6:30pm - 7:30pm   Click here for leaflet

Leopold Primary School,  Map, Tube and general  information

    £5.00 Adults £2.50 Children (all children must be supervised by an adult)   See concessions below

    Please call or email Canute Simpson to reserve place before attending.

Improvers' workshop & dance- Lessons will start in July 2005

    Basic Chicago Step Steppin out (with or without a partner)   
    Half Turn (with or without partner)
    Right Turn (with or without partner)
    Left Turn (with or without partner)
    Right cross over turn (with a partner)
    Left cross over (with a partner)
Friday Evenings - Venue TBA
    7.30 - 12:00am
    £6.00 Adults

Dave Maxx UK visit & Master Class - 2 July 2005

Concessions :

£3.50 for parents with children at Leopold Primary School

£2.00 for Leopold pupils (all children must be supervised by a  parent during the workshop)

O.A.Ps –- £2.00